Martial Arts by Michael Hansen in Perth – Common Exercises and Safety Measures

The term martial art always puts out a certain kind of vibe that makes people into believing that it is all about violence and aggression. However, expert of martial arts, Michael Hansen in Perth, explains that martial arts not only teaches self defensive techniques but also offers a clearer perspective to inspect and relish life. Combat techniques are divided in different names according to their origination, methods and history. However, the values and methods of these arts remains the same. There are similarities in exercises and training of different forms of martial art. Let us get insight on these similarities.

Common Training and Exercises

Every combat art, no matter how ancient they are, shares a distinctive trait with other forms of training. The motto of training and exercises is to increase strength and stamina through bodily functions. Common aspects of martial art training are-

  • Warming Up/Stretching– Warming up exercises helps the practitioner to loosen the stiffness of muscles before engaging into serious workouts. Spot jumping, different types of stretching, free hand exercising, etc are parts of warming up, used in all forms of martial art. Famous personal trainers suggest that warming up exercises should be performed slowly and carefully to avoid injuries.
  • Free-Hand Exercises– After warming up, combat sport practitioners prefer to run or walk fast on even ground. This exercise burns the excess fat and keeps muscles agile and flexible. Other free-hand workouts include push-up, sit-up, dips, etc.

Bag work and pad work come next after the warm up and free-hand exercises. According to martial arts instructors of taekwondo, bag and pad work helps the practitioners to learn the skills of using different part of the body to defend or attack.


The answer to the question ‘What to look for before hiring a (PT) personal trainer?’ is assurance for protection. It is apparent that nobody wants to sustain injury while learning combat sports. Fortunately, there are hundreds of protective gears in the market, which can vouch for our safety while we are in an intermediate stage. Padded equipments for ankle, knee, teeth, hip, foot, head, and shin have reduced the chance of injury to the minimum.

Weapons and Equipments

Many combat sports have provision for learning weapon techniques or complex ways of obtaining certain skills. In ancient times, instructors prefer to train their students with original weapons. Michael Hansen in Perth is an expert of martial arts who assures that instructors of modern times use rubber or plastic-made weapons only so that accidents can be avoided. For detailed information on martial arts instructors, visit


What should you look for Hiring a Martial Arts Instructor for Mixed Martial Arts Training?

Are you looking for a qualified martial arts instructor offering MMA or mixed martial arts training sessions? Do you need to improve your boxing skills with the help of a professional boxing instructor? Well, in each case you need a personal trainer or PT who can show you the right direction. However, it often becomes a tough job to find out the perfect personal trainer to suit your fitness needs. Here are a few points that you should consider before appointing a personal trainer for yourself:

What to look for before hiring a PT or personal trainer?

  • Prior to choosing an expert personal trainer, you must ask for some references. It is the best possible way to get true and honest information about them. You might be in need of a yoga mentor skilled in Bikram Yoga. In fact, you may also be searching for martial arts instructor, specialized in ‘Taekwondo’. Whatever your requirement is, a prospective trainer in that field should happily provide you with a contact list of his or her clients.
  • A proficient personal training provider must be a certified one. Make sure that your preferred personal trainer is certified by any one of the NSCA, ACE, or ACSM.
  • The exercise or training philosophy of a credible trainer should be clear enough. It is certainly true that the training principles of different fitness regimes are different. The principles followed by a bootcamp and outdoor training expert, say Richard Lewis in Sydney, would never match that of sports-specific and martial arts professional, say Michael Hansen in Perth. However, you can always enquire about the way they help their clients meet their health and fitness goals efficiently. It would mirror the credibility of the trainer.
  • Charge of the fitness instructor is another vital aspect you should focus on before joining a training program. The average rate of a skilled personal fitness trainer would differ extensively depending upon the qualification and experience of him or her. The area where the service is offered also has a deep impact on the charges of the service providers. It clearly indicates that the consultation fee of a corporate fitness provider, say Jason Dick in Victoria Park, per hour training charge of a mixed martial arts trainer, say Shane Suisted in Sydney, or the average monthly rate of a corporate fitness, and  martial arts instructor, say Michael Hansen in Perth are completely different from each other.

Finally, do not get impressed by the physical appearance of a personal trainer. It is obvious that a martial arts instructor providing MMA or mixed martial arts training or a bootcamp trainer, specialized in army-inspired styles and techniques, does not need to look like a model. Their fitness level should reflect their proficiency and that’s all.

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