How to become popular mainly in Instagram?

I know that by this time you are quiet familiar with the concept of Instagram, if not then for your information, it is the largest and most appealing free photo-sharing program as well as a social network, which is so popular that facebook has purchased Instagram with $1 billion cash. Currently Instagram has more than 80 million registered users and this number is increasing each and every day. This application allows users to take a span and apply a digital filter to it. Initially Instagram was supported by iPhone, iPOD touch as well as iPad and from april 2012, it also supports Android camera phones, which is really an awesome concept. But do you know about the mantra of increasing popularity in Instagram.
Instagram will give its users a chance to appearing in the “most popular” list which according to some users is an awesome feeling. This will give you a massive popularity mainly in the domain of social networking. It will certainly give you a great pleasure if you receive a congratulation message and followed by a drastic increase of fan following. But now the question comes how to become more popular in Instagram. Frankly speaking, like the secret formula of coca cola, the secret of becoming popular in Instagram is really mystic and no one still knows what the effective algorithms are behind getting popular. One crucial factor might be the amount of “likes” that one gets within a period of time; it might enhance the chances of getting popular. If we think about the example of getting popular in twitter, then your numbers of followers will be considered, which is certainly the result of good work and lots of patient.

But what are the crucial factors which will enhance my popularity in Instagram? First-of-all you have to deck your profile in such a way that it will give you a unique identity among others. Tell the world who you are. Your name or rather nick name should be unique so that it could be identified easily. Next your have to work hard on your profile picture. It is proven fact that eye catching pictures draw strong attention. A sun tanned skin, or a nice sunglass and the use of beauty filters are enough to enhance your identity. Spend more time in editing, or rather expressing your creativity and uniqueness and never forget about the importance of titles, or other effects.
Apart from the basic criterion, there are other rules which will fetch you good results, if you apply them with sincerity. Use the concept of Geo- tagging and transmit a large amount of knowledge along with your pictures. If the other members of your community get interest, then your effort will certainly fetch some rewards. Spend more time in communicating with them, take individual review and thank them personally when you get “HITS” . Hope your popularity will drastically increase by simply following these rules.

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