A Brief Discussion on Karate

Karate is a worldly recognised member of martial art family. It teaches self-defending techniques while providing health benefits to its practitioners.

Among various combat techniques, Karate is one of the hot favourites among martial art enthusiasts. Martial arts instructors in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Gold Coast agree to this fact. The meaning of the phrase ‘Karate’ is ‘empty hands’. Apparently, it indicates that the art of combat by using hands is called Karate. While being a combat exercise, it has also established itself as a game in almost every country of the world.The technique of this particular combat method stands on three important aspects:

• Standing and moving posture – As this technique uses hand and legs both to defend and attack, it is important for the practitioner to maintain a strong but graceful footing system.

• Strengthening fist, elbow, knee and feet is the next most important thing for Karate. Strikes and blocks are staged by these limbs and joints. Therefore, it is important that every Practitioner of this combat method should have strong joints and bones.

• Becoming excited is not the right way of learning Karate. The practitioner should always be calm. Otherwise, the excitement will increase the heart rate, shaking off stability and serenity.

Let us get a brief insight about strikes and kicks of Karate.


Contrary to popular belief, this martial art uses kicks along with punches to defend or to attack. In order to transform one’s leg into a potential weapon of war, Karate instructs series of exercises. At the completion of these workouts, every part of a leg becomes strong, just like steel. After strengthening the leg, martial arts instructors train the students in various scientifically approved ways to defend or attack by using kicks.


Strikes are delivered by using hands. Karate instructs students to use forearms to defend and joints to deliver fatal blows. The training consists of exercises to increase the muscular strength of arms along with hardening the bones.

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