Know to Lead a Healthy Life from the Leading Martial Arts Instructor – Shane Suisted of Sydney

Personal training brings in huge benefits in a person’s life. In other words, it helps you to lead a happy and healthy life. Some people also prefer to take up fitness training or even enroll to martial art courses in order to reduce weight and also to remain hale and hearty throughout his life. Whether it is personal training or martial arts sessions, adopting a healthy and good lifestyle is the call of the time. And if you get someone like martial arts trainer namely Shane Suisted of Sydney there is guarantee that you will fulfill your fitness goal within short period of time.

Do you want to know more about Shane Suisted? Here are some more information about him. He has gained experience in personal training and other related fields like group fitness training, boxing,   outdoor personal training sessions, sports specific training programs and more.

Well, what will you look for before hiring a personal trainer (PT)? The first thing that you expect from your personal trainer is knowledge of different types of work outs. The current trend is that a personal trainer should possess knowledge of all activities and also become specialized in one field. That is why training under a certified and specialized trainer is important. In other words, getting training under a specialized trainer can be an added advantage for you.  Besides he also should understand the specific requirements of his customers and also suggest right exercise and work out programs accordingly. In nutshell, he should help his valued customers to achieve their fitness goals without any difficulty. There is another important thing that you should consider before finalizing your deal with your trainer. Your trainer should be able to motivate you and also improve the way you do work out or any other exercise sessions.  Eating healthy food is an important aspect of fitness and your instructor should also manage this matter effectively.

Apart from personal training, the tendency of people to get trained under a martial arts instructor or a MMA arts trainer has increased.  Martial trainer Michael Hansen of Perth and few taekwondo martial arts instructors also have drawn attention of all. Boot camp trainer Richard Lewis of Sydney and personal trainer Jason Dick of Victory Park have gained appreciation from people in the fitness industry.

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Contact Martial Arts Personal Trainer of Perth – Know How To Stay In Good Shape!

Are you desperately searching for a martial arts personal trainer of Perth? A good trainer like Jason Dick of Victoria Park helps you to reduce extra pounds and get a toned body. He will instruct and also motivate individuals to perform various types of exercises or activities. In this way you can fulfill your desire to always remain in good health.

There are certain parameters of judging your personal trainer. If your make mistake in choosing the right trainer, there is every possibility that you may not be able to accomplish your goals in terms of fitness. To begin with, your martial arts instructor of Perth must be organized as well as dependable. He is responsible for organizing exercise sessions that are useful and also ensure safety of his customers. Plus, personal training from outdoor trainer should be fit as well as healthy. Do you want to receive training from trainer who is overweight and also leads a life style that is detrimental for health? Your martial arts instructor of Adelaide must be your idol both in terms of health and fitness.

Your trainer must be an excellent communicator as well. Your instructor should talk to every one frankly and try to understand your specific needs. He needs to develop the capacity to make modification in his style of communication that is best suited for his clients. For instance , some people want free and open discussion , while some people feel shy to talk about his problems that are relate to weight and body fitness. As an instructor he must deal with the situation in a sensitive manner.

What else? Go for Fitness fever personal training of Adelaide or any other martial arts instructor of Adelaide and explore the opportunities to stay healthy for the rest of your life. Do you want to learn more about fitness? Take a sneak peek at various profiles of trainers at You can also watch interesting videos on training sessions. It is a must watch for fitness freaks.

4 Things to Consider while Appointing a Martial Arts Instructor in Perth

Are you confused about how to find out the best martial arts instructor in Perth? Well, selecting the perfect personal training provider in your required fieldd is indeed a tough task. But, following 4 tips would certainly help you to stumble upon an ideal trainer’s profile. Go through the tips here:

Tip 1: References

There are lots of profiles of martial arts trainers available online. Most of them come with their original names like Jason Grossman in Cannigton while you will find others using professional names such as Fitness fever personal training in Adelaide. However, it is highly recommended that you ask for some references for getting sincere information about them. In fact, you may go through sites like MeetYourMartialArtsInstructor to check credibility of the different trainers and the services provided by them.

Tip 2: Qualification and credentials

It really does not matter whether you need a martial arts instructor in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or any other place of Australia,a professional personal trainer must have expertise in his or her own field. Hence, before enrolling in any program, offered by a martial arts trainer, make sure that he or she possesses essential qualification as well as necessary credentials.

Tip 3: Way of training

It is undoubtedly true that the training procedure of acorporate fitness provider, Jason Dick in Victoria Park, and the method of exercise of Michael Hansen, a martial arts as well as personal trainer in Perth, would be poles apart from each other. Make it clear through proper enquiry before appointing the trainer that his or her way of teaching would suit you.

Tip 4: Cost of training

Never compare the charges of personal trainers having specialization in various fields. It is quite natural that the consultation fee of a mixedmartial arts trainer, Shane Suisted, and that of a personal training outdoor trainer, Richard Lewis, would vary greatly as their skills, experiences, and the areas of services are totally different.

Lastly, you are trying to find out a skilled martial arts instructor in Perth. So, do not expect him or her to look like a model with excellent appearance. They should be judged by their fitness levels as well as capabilities and not by their looks.

What should you look for Hiring a Martial Arts Instructor for Mixed Martial Arts Training?

Are you looking for a qualified martial arts instructor offering MMA or mixed martial arts training sessions? Do you need to improve your boxing skills with the help of a professional boxing instructor? Well, in each case you need a personal trainer or PT who can show you the right direction. However, it often becomes a tough job to find out the perfect personal trainer to suit your fitness needs. Here are a few points that you should consider before appointing a personal trainer for yourself:

What to look for before hiring a PT or personal trainer?

  • Prior to choosing an expert personal trainer, you must ask for some references. It is the best possible way to get true and honest information about them. You might be in need of a yoga mentor skilled in Bikram Yoga. In fact, you may also be searching for martial arts instructor, specialized in ‘Taekwondo’. Whatever your requirement is, a prospective trainer in that field should happily provide you with a contact list of his or her clients.
  • A proficient personal training provider must be a certified one. Make sure that your preferred personal trainer is certified by any one of the NSCA, ACE, or ACSM.
  • The exercise or training philosophy of a credible trainer should be clear enough. It is certainly true that the training principles of different fitness regimes are different. The principles followed by a bootcamp and outdoor training expert, say Richard Lewis in Sydney, would never match that of sports-specific and martial arts professional, say Michael Hansen in Perth. However, you can always enquire about the way they help their clients meet their health and fitness goals efficiently. It would mirror the credibility of the trainer.
  • Charge of the fitness instructor is another vital aspect you should focus on before joining a training program. The average rate of a skilled personal fitness trainer would differ extensively depending upon the qualification and experience of him or her. The area where the service is offered also has a deep impact on the charges of the service providers. It clearly indicates that the consultation fee of a corporate fitness provider, say Jason Dick in Victoria Park, per hour training charge of a mixed martial arts trainer, say Shane Suisted in Sydney, or the average monthly rate of a corporate fitness, and  martial arts instructor, say Michael Hansen in Perth are completely different from each other.

Finally, do not get impressed by the physical appearance of a personal trainer. It is obvious that a martial arts instructor providing MMA or mixed martial arts training or a bootcamp trainer, specialized in army-inspired styles and techniques, does not need to look like a model. Their fitness level should reflect their proficiency and that’s all.

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Holding the magnifying glass on fitness fever of personal training in Adelaide

The increased fitness fever for personal training in Adelaide is catching attention of health enthusiasts all around the world. Martial arts instructors in Perth are also making a lot of fuss by providing high level health benefits with utmost care to health aficionados. Let us face it! Who does not want to get the guidance of an expert professional trainer such as Jason dick of Victoria Park? In this fast-paced society, we all want the best for ourselves. Therefore, the experts have come up with a few options to help us assure that our trainers are capable enough to lead us towards our desired success in building health. Let us talk about these requirements:

  • Degrees are important. Without them a trainer is deemed literally worthless. Fortunately, there are numerous schools that provide training sessions for people who desire to become a health trainer.
  • After the degrees, the issue of certificates crosses our mind. The trainer must have appeared in various competitions to prove his/her training. The certificates he/she carries vouches for the mettle and capability of the trainer. The certificates work as an authentication of the trainer’s competence as well.
  • Every exercising technique has a governing body which assesses the capability of trainers and determines whether he/she should be given the authority to teach other. Every trainer must have this authentication documentation.

As we have established the general requirements of being a health trainer, let us talk about the features of a trainer which makes him/her the best in the business.


  • Being systematic is the first and the most appreciated feature of a trainer. Using training processes other than abuse or punishment is indeed better way to help clients in obtaining good health.
  • The initiators of fitness fever through personal training in Adelaide explain that honesty in training is another characteristic of health trainers. Also keeping track of the client’s progress is important to shine in business.

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Why Should you find a Martial Arts Instructor for your Child

Are you concerned about the complete well-being of your child? Do you want your little one to equip him/herself with essential life skills? Well, a martial arts instructor adept in instruction in Australia is probably the person you are looking for. Martial arts practice sessions can be real fun for kids, and the greatest fact about these sessions is that they do not differ depending upon the places. Wherever you are located in the country, you can always get your child mentored by a martial arts instructor. Regardless of where you stay be it Canberra or Gold Coast there are plenty of trained martial arts personnel who can train your kid. The styles and techniques taught by the trainers would be more or less similar in each of the cases.

Chief advantages of martial arts for children

  • Going to hour-long martial arts classes on a regular basis is important for kids getting high-quality education. It helps in shaping up their characters and helps them lead a confident lifestyle.
  • The positives of practicing martial arts regularly cannot be ignored. Children undergo training on several important aspects including dangers of meeting strangers, street awareness, bully busting, personal safety and protection, peer pressure etc.
  • Kids learn to be self-sufficient with efficient martial arts training. Different kinds of basic skills as well as life skills developed during these practice sessions can help them at different stages of their lives.
  • Martial arts can be tremendously helpful for children suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They can develop self-control, focus, and mental strength with the help of frequent martial arts practice sessions.

It is important to search for the ideal martial arts instructor who would be compatible with the nature of your little one. As soon as you find one, enroll your kid in the martial arts program provided by him or her.

Learn the tricks of self defense from your Martial Arts Instructor in Perth

Violence against women has increased at a rapid pace.  Whether you are living in a village or in a city, you are always vulnerable to several kinds of violence. Self defense is necessary and for that a woman needs to be strong, both physically and mentally. Are you willing to learn the techniques of self defense? Hire a martial arts instructor in Perth and learn the art of defending yourself in case of an exigency.

Martial arts help in empowerment of women and also increase their confidence level to a great extent. You can boost up your strength of mind and body and make yourself fit to face any  challenge boldly. In this matter you will get tremendous support from a martial arts instructor of Brisbane or any other Australian city.

That is not all. Women get multiple benefits by practicing martial arts properly. Mental health largely improves with the help of martial art practices. You can gain courage and remain free from tension and anxiety on one hand; while on the other hand, martial arts improve the entire cardiovascular system thereby improving your health as a whole. Your physical appearance gets better.  That is to say, a martial arts instructor of Canberra helps you to lose weight and assists you to get into a proper shape. Your muscles get more flexible and make you look attractive.

As far as martial arts are concerned, you can select from multiple martial art styles that have popularity in the current times. Starting from kick boxing, karate to Judo everything is available at your fingertips. If you are interested you can gain expertise in Kung Fu, a special kind of martial arts. Your martial arts instructor of Adelaide helps you to learn any of these martial arts practices without any difficulty.

Do not waste your time. Contact your martial arts instructor of Gold Coast as soon as possible. In case you want to know more about martial arts, you have to pay a visit to You can view profiles of several trainers and also watch videos of training sessions.

Hire Martial a Arts Instructor in Perth for Your Kids!

Are you worried about the protection of your children? Don’t fret so much. Get hold of an experienced martial arts instructor and help him to grow strong and sturdy. Your kid will also learn all the skills that make him more confident and disciplined.

Why to choose a martial arts expert for your kid?  It is important to note that your kids can receive training from an experienced martial arts instructor of Canberra. Allow your children to get enrolled to martial arts classes and help them to spend time effectively.  Instead of spending the whole day playing video games the kids learn how to spend time in more constructive way. They will also enjoy the exercise sessions with a martial arts instructor like in any other game or physical activity. Obesity is increasing significantly amongst kids. And for obese child martial arts is perfect remedy. A good martial arts instructor of Adelaide will engage your child in physical activities and thus help your child to get rid of obesity and other associated health problems.

What else? Pick up an experienced martial arts instructor of Brisbane who helps your child to receive proper training. Some of the martial art forms that are popular amongst the kids are as follows:

Karate involves numerous styles that make use of strikes as well as blows by using arms as well as legs.

Judo is a unique practice that helps your kid to learn how to use opponent’s power against him, instead of relying solely on your kid’s own strength.

Kickboxing is also one of the popular martial arts practices of the present time. It involves use of protective gears more than any other martial arts form and also demand high tenacity of the participant. It also focuses on the flexibility of muscles especially in the legs and feet.

Train your kid under a martial arts instructor of Gold Coast. Your kid will be healthy and strong like never before. Go through the interesting video profiles of and find out more about martial arts in details.

Six Ways to Gain Expertise in Martial Arts from a Martial Arts Instructor in Perth

Do you want to enhance your Martial Arts’ skills? No matter what form you select that includes karate, Judo or any other type, it is always advisable to get trained under a martial arts instructor in Perth. In this way you will learn the sport very easily. A player often is susceptible to physical injuries. And a good martial arts trainer of Canberra also teaches you few preventive techniques.

Here are few tips that help you to become expert in Martial Arts. Your martial arts instructor of Adelaide also guides you and helps you to adopt the techniques without hassles.


You need to do a lot of stretching before attending a martial arts class. You also need to stretch your body after your rigorous martial arts training is complete. Actually stretching allows your muscles to stretch out and also prevent injury to your body. It also helps in reducing the soreness of muscles.

Proper Diet: 

You should always consume nutritious food after completing any kind of physical activity. It is vital to energize your body with nutrients that also supply energy to your body. Otherwise you will be thoroughly exhausted after a strenuous exercise session. Your martial arts instructor of Brisbane also helps you to chalk out a balanced diet.


While exercising you will sweat heavily. So it is important that you drink profusely and prevent dehydration. Drinking water also allows your body muscles to stretch and relax. You also have to drink water after completing your exercise.

Avoid consuming caffeine before training:

You must not drink caffeine, alcohol, tea before you go for training. It will unnecessarily increase your body temperature and also cause dizziness. Moreover if you drink caffeine it will also increase your heart beat thereby affecting your performance to a great extent. Also avoid caffeine immediately after you finish your exercise. A good martial arts instructor of Gold Coast also guides you in this matter.

What else?  Go through and look at the interesting profiles of instructors. You can also watch videos of training sessions.


How to select a martial arts instructor in Perth?

Selecting an experienced Martial arts instructor is a herculean task. With a plethora of trainers or training schools thriving in the market there is every possibility of your being easily duped  by a cunning person. In other words you will spend a huge amount and at the end of the day will not be able to achieve your fitness goals.

Do you want to select an efficient martial arts instructor in Perth? Here are few valuable tips that you should keep in mind while looking for a suitable instructor.


Different instructors have adopted various modes in order to teach their students. Some teachers begin with one type and teach all the fundamentals. Once you learn the style you can try out another one. There are other teachers who want their students to get exposed to multiple styles and do not focus on one particular art form. So before taking admission to the exercise lessons from your martial artsinstructor of Canberra you should know his mode of teaching. You must also ask him all the details like number of students in the class etc. You must also enquire about the time and duration of these training classes. Choose the time that suits you best.

Evaluate the instructor

Before choosing the martial arts instructor of Adelaide it is important that you should know his background in detail. You must see whether he has the requisite experience of teaching martial arts. Other details like his qualification, his skills and expertise are essential that will help you to take the right decision.


You should know the fee structure of your martial arts instructor of Brisbane. It is important that you must select the instructor who charges an affordable amount. There are many instructors who even charge more than fifty dollars for a single session that also lasts for one hour. Do a bit of research and get hold of the right instructor without delay.

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