Steps to Create a Magnetic Resume For Martial Arts Instructors

Teaching martial arts is rapidly becoming a profitable business industry all over the world. Martial arts instructors are obtaining important certifications from authorized organizers to convince their clients of their capability. Training schools and establishments of martial arts, operated by popular martial arts instructors in Gold Coast, offer exercising sessions that transforms a person into a better being.

However, it is not easy to catch the attention of health enthusiasts easily. To get noticed in this highly competitive environment, every martial arts coach needs a meticulously planned resume. Let us see what should be included in the resume.

  • Attach your contact info showcasing email, phone, fax and full address of your martial art training studio.
  • Give information about your last and the most recent employment history.
  • Provide detailed description of your past ventures regarding martial art along with your accomplishments.
  • Always use bright colours and pictures to grab the attention of your clients. Use of colours and graphics will help your resume to stand out.
  • Post your resume as a martial arts trainer on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and many more. Usage of internet will help you in web marketing and certainly increase your popularity.
  • You can also add a couple of other expertise that you have. It could be sales, sports or something else. The diversity of your personality will attract clients to your business.
  • Making a video resume is also very helpful. You can post it on ‘YouTube’ or in your own website. Use clippings of good movements and techniques and describe them on the camera. Your clients will love it.
  • You can also attach some of your photos in competitions. This will convince your visitors about your capability to offer them the best training and support that they are looking for.

Follow these rules and you will be able to catch the visitor’s attention easily,For details to visit our

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