A Little Overview of Muay Thai – A Special Martial Arts Training Program

Different forms of martial arts have become well know to us by the blessing of entertainment channels and movies. Martial art instructors have joined each other’s hands to open the eyes of the modern society to a brave and healthy new world. Association of martial arts instructor in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney has made a difference already.

What Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a highly evolved martial art form that has travelled far from its origin to satisfy health enthusiasts by providing great health and leadership attributes. Many believe that one needs rigorous training and concentration to learn this martial art technique. Actually, it is not that tough. Muay Thai is a beautiful sport that seeks to transform a person by building self-confidence and providing an insight of inner self.

Training Session

Muay Thai is ancient but not complex at all. It is threaded with simple exercises and techniques that enhances muscular strength and teaches anatomical skill of defeating the opponent. Its training system consists of –

  • Warm Up/Stretch– This is the first step of learning unique martial art form. In this step the student must free his/her body from stress and twist muscles to increase their flexibility. Spot jump and leg stretches are its signature exercises.


  • Running, Skipping and Shadow Boxing– Running is a great exercise. It reduces fat and increases cardio vascular ability. Every Muay Thai student must run 1 to 10 Km per day after finishing the warm up exercises. Then they have to go through skipping exercises. After skipping, the Muay Thai instructor gives the student 20 minutes to recall and practice the trick he/she has learned the previous day.

After these exercises, the instructor accompanies the student to start bag work and pad work, which are the most important parts of every days training. The bottom line is at the end of every day’s training the trainee gets a better life, a life having no stress. Learn the intricacies of this form of martial arts from instructors of Brisbane, Perth and Sydney to get a stress free life.

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