These are not good times. The streets are no longer safe for women. There are people roaming around in the streets just to find a chance to take advantage of innocent girls. Girls should not be scared of such maniacs. In fact, they should not be scared to deal with such situations.

They must know how to defend themselves in the right time and also attack such perverts if required. Girls should prevent themselves from such assaults by learning the simple art of self-defense.

Martial art is the best technique used till date for self-defense. Parents should encourage their daughters to learn martial arts so that they could prevent such assaults in such situations.

Such assaulter’s attack women suddenly and look for places where common people can’t reach to rescue them. In such situations girls become a victim to molestation.

Most of the time, parents rely on the police to protect their daughters from such incidents but, at times it doesn’t work. So, parents should make their daughters aware about self defense.
Martial arts training will teach them how to act in such situations and protect themselves from any sexual abuse.

Martial Arts is an excellent way to learn self –defense and hence parents, teachers and individuals especially girls should take an extra effort to learn it.

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  1. If Women stands together, The Men may not get a single place to stand, so stop Assaulting women.

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