Winning Martial Arts Instructor Resume – Some Important Ideas

Australians are growing to be fitness conscious day by day. They are now looking for a fit and attractive physic and want to look good and feel good. Among the various fitness programs, martial arts are most significant. Learning the arts is difficult and for that you need an expert and professional martial arts instructor.

Coming to the recruitment of martial arts instructor in Sydney, Adelaide and Gold Coast, the schools are very strict. Though there is high demand of martial arts teachers, still only the able instructors are getting selected as instructors of martial arts in acclaimed clubs and gyms.

There are certain qualities that are expected from a martial arts trainer. Among the most important features of a trainer, he should be motivating and optimistic. It is because of the motivation of a martial arts instructor, the clients succeed to reach the goal. Hence, finding Mr. Right martial arts trainer is also your luck! Other than these factors, please also check whether the concerned trainer is affordable. Thus, it becomes very important to consider all these things before finalizing the personal trainer.

What Are The Exclusive Features That Should Be There In A Resume Of A Martial Arts Instructor?

Resume represents the candidate while they are looking forward to join a job. This same happens to a martial arts instructor. The resume is the face of the entire personality and work experience of the trainer. What add-on should be there to make the resume attractive? How could you understand whether your resume is a boring and common one? To understand this thing extensive research is required. Never allow the selectors to drop your resume in the pile of other applicants. Try something extraordinary! What are these aspects? Let us have a look:

  • Make a tailored and attractive cover letter.
  • Use social media references to let the recruiters know more about you.
  • Use color photo of yours to make the resume attractive and colorful in the midst of the stale pile of resume.
  • Use video resume along with the printable one.

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Choosing the Right Martial Arts School

Martial arts are practiced to stay fit and increase the physical strength. To learn this art in actual sense, all you need is a good school of martial arts along with a good martial arts instructor. Australians are also deeply aligned with this South East Asian fitness art. For this reason, there are many Asians who are working as martial arts instructors in Perth and other Australian regions like Adelaide, Melbourne and so on.

When you have decided to join martial arts school, knowledge about that specific school must be there with you. What are those things that you should know before joining that martial arts school are discussed in the following-:

Commitment with a martial arts school will be an investment of both money and time. So, it is better for you to check the features and facilities provided by the martial arts schools.

  • First of all check objective of the school. In most of the cases, these schools look forward to things like maintenance of the physical fitness of the clients. Learning the methods of martial art styles is very important. These are the things that the martial art instructors should look into.
  • The second most important aspect is the teaching method of the martial arts instructors. Ask the previous clients of the school about the teaching methods and other facilities available in the concerned school. Check how the instruction is provided by the trainers of martial arts in the school. A martial arts instructor must be enthusiastic and should encourage the students to reach the goal.
  • Check the styles that martial art instructors follow. There are three major segregation of martial arts style. They are hard styles, soft styles and blended styles. A mix of these three styles will make one learn the best of the martial arts.

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How Can One Be A Good Martial Arts Instructor?

Being a martial arts instructor is a tough job indeed. However, recent leap of faith of health enthusiasts towards the unconventional exercising methods has made martial art one of the most praised ways of transforming a person into a better and stronger being.

Let us talk about the ways that can ascend a martial arts instructor to the peak of success.

Every Day Is a New Day

Whatever be the exercising method, a monotonous workout process sucks the motivation and interest out of students towards the training session. Therefore, it is your duty to plan a new training program every day. In this way your students will never feel bored while going through exercises. You also need to build up a monitoring system to mark the progress of students.

An Instructor Should Be Capable

To become a good instructor and earn respect from your students, you need to possess a high level of knowledge regarding what you teach. Having a clear understanding of human anatomy is very important for martial arts instructors. Sharing knowledge is an art. One needs to be authoritative but humble to attract people towards his/her speech. Patience is another important feature of an instructor. Always remember that your students may not have previous acquaintance with this particular exercising form. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be patient and help them in understanding the values of martial art.

Advertise Your Business

Advertisement has always been a medium for attracting attention of the world. Therefore, it would be better for your business if you could set up a few promotions and demonstrations of your martial arts training. It does not matter how small or big the promotion is. It will surely bring new students eventually. So, to become a good martial arts instructor, you need to possess decent marketing skill with qualifications.

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Becoming a Martial Art Instructor! A Beginning

When you are working as a martial arts instructor, you have a lot of responsibility. There are lots of reason of joining martial arts and a whole load of reasons to bring body to shape. It is indeed a huge responsibility.

When you have finally achieved the tag of a martial arts instructor, this is your high time to start your career as a trainer of martial arts. Some relevant points are discussed in the following to make you come across with some facts about being a martial arts instructor.

☼   When you are about to gear up your career, all you need is knowledge of people who are already in business. Hence, this is high time for marketing your skill. To do the promotion successfully you need to advertise your knowledge through some relevant media like TV, Internet, print media (bill boards, news paper advertisements, etc.). Social media is one of the best options for you to accelerate your career. All you need is hitting the right target audience.

☼   Find out the right venue to settle down your martial art club or institute. The place should be maintained with proper housekeeping. Some outdoor place will be an added advantage.  You can get the place in rent and even in lease. Make sure before finalizing the venue the location is at a convenient place that can be accessed by the clients easily for practicing the martial arts sessions.

☼   Insurance is mandatory if you are a martial arts instructor. As a martial arts club owner you should take care of the students along with yourself as there are risks of physical injuries. For the sake of protection from imminent injuries, insurance is mandatory.

☼   While you are working as a professional martial arts instructor, there is no shame in asking for money from the clients. Tell them about the rates that you have already fixed so that they can buy the service you are providing. Martial arts instructors are not doing philanthropy. In fact, they are business person. So, never shy away from charging money from the trainees.

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Martial Arts and Safety

With the increasing fad of martial arts, more and more people are welcoming this sport in their lives with open arms. The multitude of health benefits that it offers has opened the eyes of modern people and established itself as the new face of modern exercises. Famed martial arts instructors of Canberra and a few other places are trying their best to spread the knowledge of this magnificent technique that transforms a person into a better one.

A Few Misinterpretations

Misunderstanding remains within the minds of people regarding the violence and injury that is associated with the sport. Contrary to this popular belief, martial art does not aim to inflict physical pain to train a person its techniques. Modern instructors have taken progressive measures to protect a student from getting hurt.

Equipments For Protection

Various protective gears have been created for training. Modern martial art students are laced with heavily padded equipment that protects them from opponent’s heavy blows. Protectors for foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip, rip cage, teeth and head are available in the market. Also, the costumes used in martial art are designed to absorb the blow from opponent and reduces the level of injury.

Training Equipments

Modern training equipments include hand stretchers and strength enhancing bands. These apparatus are specifically designed to help one in the training of martial arts courses. They are meticulously field tested to perform best in any condition. These equipments have proven to offer great help in conditioning and preventing physical injury.


Some of us hold desire to be trained in those flashy weapons that we watch in martial art movies and documentaries. It is an undeniable fact that these weapons are deadly and sharp enough to cause severe physical damage. However, the students need not fear them as the weapons that are used in training are usually heavily padded or fake.

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Choose A Martial Art Style But Cautiously!

Numerous styles of martial arts have evolved through the time satisfying various health aspects of people of the modern society. Each one is distinctively different from the other in origin and style. However, they all serve the same purpose and provide us health benefits and a better understanding of our spiritual self.

Which Style Is Best For You?

Every martial art enthusiast faces the dilemma of finding answer to this question. Popular institutes such as martial arts instructor in Canberra have presented a million of options to us in choosing a style of combat sports. However, it is something you have to decide for yourself. Modernization of martial art has split spiritualism from the fighting methods. Therefore, it is your decision whether you want to learn the moves and exercises that enhance your muscle strength and agility or absorb the essence of martial art that teaches how to forge a bond with your spiritual self.

Different Styles and Different Results

After determining the first step, you need to concentrate on the next one, which is to choose the right style for you. Martial art is not just another exercising method. It teaches people to be one with their spiritual self and enables them to control their emotions. However, every different style of martial art transforms people’s personality in different way. Please read the following for a better idea:

‘Ninjitsu’ teaches about stealth and agility. This martial art is based on gaining detailed knowledge on human anatomy. It sharpens one’s mind and heightens the senses.

Taekwondo is a Korean art of combat that teaches us of using one’s hand and leg to defend or attack. However, it lacks to train a student in grappling techniques, which are positively useful in close quarter combat.

‘Mixed martial art’ is the combination of deadly moves that are derived from different styles of combat techniques. It helps to burn fat and increases muscle capacity.

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A Little Overview of Muay Thai – A Special Martial Arts Training Program

Different forms of martial arts have become well know to us by the blessing of entertainment channels and movies. Martial art instructors have joined each other’s hands to open the eyes of the modern society to a brave and healthy new world. Association of martial arts instructor in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney has made a difference already.

What Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a highly evolved martial art form that has travelled far from its origin to satisfy health enthusiasts by providing great health and leadership attributes. Many believe that one needs rigorous training and concentration to learn this martial art technique. Actually, it is not that tough. Muay Thai is a beautiful sport that seeks to transform a person by building self-confidence and providing an insight of inner self.

Training Session

Muay Thai is ancient but not complex at all. It is threaded with simple exercises and techniques that enhances muscular strength and teaches anatomical skill of defeating the opponent. Its training system consists of –

  • Warm Up/Stretch– This is the first step of learning unique martial art form. In this step the student must free his/her body from stress and twist muscles to increase their flexibility. Spot jump and leg stretches are its signature exercises.


  • Running, Skipping and Shadow Boxing– Running is a great exercise. It reduces fat and increases cardio vascular ability. Every Muay Thai student must run 1 to 10 Km per day after finishing the warm up exercises. Then they have to go through skipping exercises. After skipping, the Muay Thai instructor gives the student 20 minutes to recall and practice the trick he/she has learned the previous day.

After these exercises, the instructor accompanies the student to start bag work and pad work, which are the most important parts of every days training. The bottom line is at the end of every day’s training the trainee gets a better life, a life having no stress. Learn the intricacies of this form of martial arts from instructors of Brisbane, Perth and Sydney to get a stress free life.

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A Few Steps How A Martial Arts Instructor Can Keep In Touch With Students

As more and more people are falling for the charm of martial arts, the more it is becoming essential for instructors to come up with new ideas of making a stronger bond with students. But what are those ways?

Being a good martial arts instructor takes many things, especially if your organization is located in popular locations of martial art such as Sydney, Adelaide and others. Martial arts training in Sydney, Adelaide and a few more places are becoming hubs of martial arts training. Instructors are feeling an immense urge to build a strong bond with students in order to achieve success in becoming a great martial arts instructor. Let us talk about the new rules that separate a health coach from others.

Call And Motivate  –  Motivate your students by calling them personally after the class. Appreciate their involvement and continued progress in your class. In this way, they will be more enthusiastic to attend the next lesson.

Personal Lesson – Providing personal lesson to slower kids will affect them positively. Their friends and family will be happy to see that their family member is in good hands.

Use smaller hurdles – Break up the ultimate goal of your martial art course. Inspire your students to succeed in these smaller competitions. It will lift the pressure off their back and will make learning easy.

This is how a martial arts instructor can keep personal contact with the trainees and lift up their enthusiasm towards martial arts.

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Martial Arts and Fitness

Do you want to stay fit and also have a strong body? You can try the martial arts, which is far more exciting than jogging and treadmill. The martial arts that you can do are boxing, kickboxing, karate and judo. Martial arts can keep you healthy and fit and can also help you to reduce weight. To perform all types of exercises properly in Canberra, martial arts instructors are needed.

The Influence Of Martial Arts Can Keep You Stay Fit?

  • The gym trainers incorporate various martial art techniques in their training processes. Exercises like Boxercise, Tae Bo, Kung Fu Aerobics, Cardio-Kickboxing and some other art of work outs follow the tricks of martial arts. Martial arts training in Canberra can guide a person to achieve fitness properly and quickly.
  • The personal trainers at the gym also use punching bags, kicking pads, focus mitts in their work out sessions. These exercises are great for weight reduction and also rejuvenate the energy levels.
  • The cardiovascular fitness is improved after training from a martial arts instructor. The muscles also strengthen.

Career As A Martial Art Instructor In Australia

Australians are preferring martial arts as their fitness mantra. To make their learning more proficient, they often look forward for Asian martial art instructors. Career as a martial art instructor in Gold Coast,Brisbane, Adelaide and other main cities of Australia can be quite promising.

Martial Arts And Fitness:

☼ Martial arts are the most ancient Asian art of staying fit and strong. These  are techniques of self defense. Today, people often look forward to martial arts training in Gold Coast so that they can stay healthy and increase the fitness level of the body.
☼ Some of the best martial arts are Choi Kwang Do, Kung-Fu, Karate, Judo,Boxing and Kick Boxing.
☼ The Australians prefer personal training of martial arts to learn the techniques in a better way.The personal trainers help the corporate clients to work out and practice martial arts to stay healthy and fit.

Thus, career as a martial art instructor can be a better option for those who are quite efficient in this form of contact sport.


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